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To solve the pollution of cooking fume, you must understand the knowledge of Electrostatic Air Cleaner

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In life, everyone knows that inhaling fumes when cooking often is harmful to the body, and the fumes generated by regional networks such as catering companies, food processing and school hotel kitchens are concentrated.

It is required that the emission of catering fume must meet the standards. For restaurants that do not install oil fume purifiers and illegally install and do not use, they will be fined more than 5,000 yuan but less than 50,000 yuan.

Electrostatic Air Cleaner is mainly used for the purification treatment of kitchen fume in catering enterprises.The most important condition is to ensure that the fume purification meets the standard.What is the key?The Electrostatic Air Cleaner is that the fume purification meets the standards and meets the latest three national standards, so it is also necessary for the merchant to understand the working principle of the Electrostatic Air Cleaner.

Use of Electrostatic Air Cleaner

The Electrostatic Air Cleaner is mainly used in the purification of kitchen oil and smoke in hotels, restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, schools, institutions, factories, etc .food frying, cooking and processing industries; oil splash heat treatment workshop, oil mist lubrication workshop, Industrial occasions such as workpiece welding workshop and ene oil boiler discharge.

The working principle of Electrostatic Air Cleaner:

By the ionization of the fume gas, the oil mist is charged, and most of it is degraded and carbonized; a small part of the small oil particles move to the positive and negative plates of the electric field under the action of the electric field force of the adsorption electric field and the air flow. It flows into the oil collecting tray and is discharged through the oil discharge channel. The remaining micron-level oil mist is degraded into carbon dioxide and water by the electric field, and finally clean air is discharged. At the same time, under the action of the high-voltage generator, the air in the electric field generates ozone and removes smoke most of the smell in the air.

The Electrostatic Air Cleaner is currently the most common working principle of Electrostatic Air Cleaner in the world,and the effect is relatively good. Under the action of the high-pressure generator, the fume is purified into clear air, which meets the national environmental protection requirements.

Features of GOJEK Electrostatic Air Cleaner

1. The electric field of GOJEK Electrostatic Air Cleaner uses a flat structure, so that the electrostatic field can evenly reach the maximum average electric field strength, greatly increasing the area of electric field purification, and making the combination of electric field and fume particles longer. Therefore, it is determined that the equipment has extremely high efficiency of removing smoke;

2. The modular design of the electric field can be assembled according to the amount of air volume. The plate-type electric field has good rigidity, easy installation, convenient cleaning and maintenance, etc;

3. The equipment has low noise, low resistance, and low operating cost;

4. High safety factor, better high-voltage connection design, the electric field will be automatically cut off when the door is opened. In addition, the power supply of the electrostatic fume purifier is a DC superimposed pulse power supply, and the dual current form makes the fume more easily ionized and adsorbed.

5. The power supply is produced by yourself. While ensuring the best purification effect of the Air Cleaner,it also has automatic overload, overvoltage, open circuit, and open circuit protection. It is safer and more reliable to use. The air inlet and outlet can be interchanged at will, which is convenient for on-site installation;

6. High purification efficiency. After testing, the purification rate of oil fume is higher than 98%, and can remove most of the odor.

Shenzhen Guang Jie Environmental Protection Group Co.,Ltd. is an enterprise with 11 years of research and development and production of oil fume purifiers. It has been devoted to the research of oil fume purification and exhaust gas treatment. room. To create a leading industry, the purification rate of oil fume is as high as 98%, which meets the most stringent oil fume emission standards in the country.


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