The importance and advantages of installing an electrostatic precipitator

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    With the rapid development and expansion of the catering industry, catering stores are also increasing. The cooking fumes pollute the atmospheric environment, seriously affecting the daily life of the surrounding residents, bring many problems to the residents' lives. Therefore, many restaurants are often complained by surrounding residents, and local authorities are strongly demanding the installation of electrostatic air cleaner, which has become a must-have item for many catering service operators in kitchen appliances.

       Applications: The air filter is mainly used for purifying and controlling the low-altitude fumes in the kitchen; used in hotels, restaurants,  schools, institutions, factories, etc.; food frying, cooking processing industry; oil splash heat treatment workshop, oil Industrial applications such as fog lubrication workshops, workpiece welding workshops, and olefin boiler emission


  Hazard of cooking fumecommercial kitchen fume is one of the important sources of air pollution

       The catering industry is one of the main sources of volatile organic compounds (VOCS) and PM10 (inhalable particulate matter with particles less than 10 μm). Among the causes of lung cancer, cooking fumes is second  risk of deep smokingsmoke reaching deep into the respiratory tract. factor. The strong permeability and viscosity of soot have a great influence on the surrounding environment (including populations, buildings and other receptors). According to research, the cooking fume is the second largest source of air pollution in the city.

  Why the electrostatic air filter is necessary for commercial kitchens?

  1. Give employees a good working !

        It can make employees and chefs work in an ideal environment, and give customers a fresh environment 

2. Reduce the possibility of being complained !

         Restaurants are generally open in places with large population density and large flow of people. If the ESP is not installed, the fume will certainly pollute the nearby residents and will inevitably attract residents' complaints.

3. Reduce oil smoke pollution and consciously protect the environment !

       In order to create a comfortable environment, in recent years, the problem of cooking fume pollution has become one of the hot issues of urban residents' environmental complaints. Carry out the purification of cooking fume in urban catering industry, protect the environment , reduce the air pollution of the city and protect the health of residents. So, the restaurant must install a kitchen electrostatic air cleaner.   It is recommended that you must choose a large brand manufacturer like GOJEK when you purchasing. It has been deeply involved in the environmental protection industry for 10 years, with high cost performance, long service life of equipment, good product performance and perfect after-sales service. It is worthy of your trust!


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