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  • type :GOJEK-EAC-CTB
  • Air volume(CMH) : 180
  • size(mm) :1168(L)*527(W)*355(Thickness)
  • Input voltage(V) : 220V+/-15%,50Hz
  • power(W) :50W
  • Reserved(mm) :
  • weight(kg) :20
  • effectiveness(%) :99%

                       Equipment Features

                      1,The use of constant voltage and constant current high voltage power supply can keep the purification efficiency continuous and stable

                      2,With activated carbon filter

                      3,Short-circuit automatic protection function in dust chamber,high-voltage generator can protect itself

                      4,Using centrifugal,low noise

                      5,The dust chamber can be cleaned repeatedly,with a life span of more than 20 years

                      6,Embedded design,the panel is flush with the ceiling,looks beautiful and elegant

                      7,Dust collection room has the function of cleaning reminder

                      8,The chassis adopt high-grade galvanized sheet,which is rustproof and durable

                      9,With high voltage test button,it can detect whether the high voltage of the machine is normal without a high voltage tester

                      10,The initial effect filter adopts 12 layers of aluminum mesh

                      11,With indoor pollution gas detection function,when the indoor air is polluted,the machine can start automatically

                      12,Configure light hydrogen plasma(optional)

                      13,Automatic power-off protection function,when the panel is opened,the machine can automatically power off.

                      14,Equipped with negative ion generator(optional)

                      15,Ozone production is extremely low,far lower than the European standard and the National standard

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