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Why do Commercial Kitchens have to install Air Cleaner?

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Traditional cooking methods such as frying produce lots of oil fumes, which seriously affects the indoor air of the kitchen. Cooking fumes and liquefied gases: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, etc. produce a lot of harmful substances, which not only pollute the environment, but also affect the health of the body for a long time.

Everyone knows that commercial kitchens are engaged in the production of catering products and providing places for food consumption,then fumes and harmful gases generated. The Air Cleaner can purify the oil fume and harmful substances in the kitchen and keep the air fresh inside the kitchen. The commercial kitchens must be installed with Air Cleaner.

Commercial kitchen fume is a very important source of atmospheric pollution, and the pollution to the atmosphere is very serious. Therefore, all kitchens and restaurants must install an oil fume purifier.The cooking fumes can only be discharged outside after being purified.The cooking fumes caused by Stir fry or processed food can not be discharged outside without treatment,this is an environmental regulation.In addition, the general restaurants are opened in places with more people. The fumes are discharged without treatment, which will affect the surrounding houses, which will cause complaints. The relevant departments of the city will immediately check and request immediate suspension of business rectification. Okay, you will face the risk of fines or even suspension of business.

Regulations of the State Environmental Protection Administration: In order to implement the “Law of the People ’s Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Atmospheric Pollution” and to prevent pollution of atmospheric and residential environments by cooking fume from the catering industry, the State Environmental Protection Administration has specially formulated the “Emission Standards for Cooking Fume from the Catering Industry”. This standard will be implemented from January 1, 2002. It clearly stipulates the maximum permissible emission concentration of the cooking fume unit and the minimum removal efficiency of the cooking fume purification facility. For enterprises that do not install oil fume purifiers or do not meet the emission standards, they will be closed for rectification and fines!

Therefore, all the catering enterprises must install standard fume purifiers that are necessary for all catering kitchens! In order to better purify the cooking fumes produced in the kitchen.

It's just that catering companies must choose a good fume purifier. Installing a fume purifier can solve the fume pollution, improve the commercial kitchen environment, give the restaurant staff a better working environment, and avoid unnecessary inspections by the Environmental Protection Agency at a later stage.In addition, the health and atmospheric environment of surrounding residents can be maintained and developed in harmony.

In this way, clean air is emitted. When Food and beverage enterprises choosing fume purification equipment,they can choose Shenzhen Guang Jie Environmental Ptrotection Group Co., Ltd. which focus on R & D, production and sales as an integrated fume purifier manufacturer. It has advantages in all aspects such as good purification effect, guaranteed quality and perfect after-sales service. Welcome to inquire and look forward to long-term cooperation with you.


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