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  • type :GJESP-S2100
  • Air volume(CMH) : 21000
  • size(mm) :685(L)*1755(W)*1320(H)mm
  • Input voltage(V) : 220V,50Hz
  • power(W) :
  • Reserved(mm) :700mm
  • weight(kg) :
  • effectiveness(%) :up to 98.3%
     Products features
     01. We produce equipment by ourselves, quality is assured.
     02. Patented products with proprietary intellectual property rights.
     03. We design different type to meed different industry properties.
     04. All types equipment is modular designed. Easy to installation.
     05. Spare parts is already passed CE, FCC, ISO certifications etc.
     06. Big canteen be adopt our automatic cleaning system.
     07. Special type can made of stainless steel by customer's needs.
     08. 98% fume removal rate, visual smokeless Met national exhausting standards. Patented plate electric field cell, can make sure the high efficiency of fume removal.
     09. Power supply is designed with over load protection over temperature protection etc.

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