Industrial standards installation process for ESP

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Key points: 

1.When in set up process,the  system air flow should match the rated air flow of ESP, too much or too less air volume will effect the purifier efficiency.

2.ESP should placed in horizontal level, otherwise it will cause waste oil flow back into duct pipe, or can not drained off when release waste oil.

3.Air flow speed in the duct should be set at 8~10m/,too fast or too slow will reduce the effect of fume removal.

4.The radius of elbow pipe’s middle line should ≥1.5D (when the radius<1.5D,the wind resistance in accentric adjustable pipe will increase quickly, finally affect the the whole air volume in duct.

5.From small to big ,The angle between axis and bevel edge should≦7°,from big to small,the angle between axis and bevel edge should≦15°(not satisfy this condition, can place guide vane, In otherwise will reduce the purify effect,can not meet the national standards.)


From small to big accentric pipe(left),from big to small accentric pipe(right)

6.Before connecting the accentric pipe (small to big),Should set a straight pipe which length≥2.5D(If not meet this condition,Can set guide plate or uniform flow distribution,or else, air flow too fast will cause uncompleted purification.

7.Fan need set shock absorber, to reduce the vibration and noise of equipment.

8.The inlet and outlet of fan all need soft connector

9.As large electrical apparatus,oil purifier have to connect earth wire.(Red,Green connecting 220V AC power source,Green&yellow line connecting earth wire)

10. GOJEK ESP is default the air flow directions from left input.  (face the door of electric box),There is sign on the cell to indicate the wind direction,If spot site need right wind input,It need turn the connector cell to 180°And move spring contact to upper position, exchange high voltage wire position.Check if the wire connecting is right in the end.

GOJEK ESP:Left side wind flow


11.ESP should work at negative wind pressure status, in other words, Fan have to installed behind the ESP according the wind direction.

12. Outdoor installation, Rain shelter should be installed,It can protect ESP effected from outside elements.

Installation diagram:


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