7000 CMH UV Ozone Chamber

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  • type :GJEVU-80
  • Air volume(CMH) : 7000 m³/h
  • size(mm) :1115*560*630
  • Input voltage(V) : 220V
  • power(W) :0.33 kw
  • Reserved(mm) :800mm
  • weight(kg) :70
  • effectiveness(%) :90

  Products features

     01. Module design, flexible and simple: fully considering the instability and complexity of various environmental factors, provides great feasibility, reliability and flexibility in design, matching, installation, debugging,  maintenance, etc.

     02. Safety, reliability and practicability: explosion-proof treatment to eliminate fire hazards;

     03. Efficiency for cooking fume purification more than 98%, meets the national environmental protection emission standards.

     04. Efficiency for odor purification more than 90%, improved the relationship between restaurants and the surrounding residents, especially for the kitchens with heavy taste such as Sichuan cuisine and Hunan cuisine;

     05. Long service life, low operation cost, high purification efficiency, don't have to change the structure, fast installation;

     06. Passed ISO quality certification, CE safety certification and other national environmental protection product certification

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