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What equipment is included in a fume purification system?

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What equipment is needed to build a fume purification system?

Since all cities in China have issued clear standards for food and beverage fume emissions, all catering business owner start to focus on building a fume purification system.

So, which equipment is needed to build this system?

Take a look at the following introduction, you can clearly understand the combination structure inside and outside the fume purification system.

The fume purification system consists of the following six structures:

1、Collecting hood

It is used to collect the fume exhaust in the kitchen. It is generally installed above the stove . It is recommended that the distance from the fume collecting port to the fume source should be around 0.8-1 meters, and the suction speed of the cover port is usually set at 0.25-0.5 m/s. Designers, or builders, need to decide how much hoods to purchase based on the size of the kitchen and the number of stoves.


2、ventilation duct

It is used to connect all equipment of the fume purification system and deliver fume exhaust. It is recommended that the horizontal section of the ventilation duct should be short, preferably within 15m, and preferably have a slope of more than 2%. In order to facilitate the cleaning and maintenance in the future, you can choose to connect a flexible connector at the end of the horizontal section.


3、Cooking fume purifier

It is used to purify fume exhaust and reduce the emission of polluting gases. Since all regular catering units in the country is required to install fume purifier, The emission concentration of the fume and the purification efficiency are specified, the catering unit needs to select a standard fume purifier according to its actual situation. The match principle between the common stove head and the fume purifier is that:  for one stove head related to 4000 air volume ESP, 2 stove head need 8000 air volume, and so forth. The commonly fume purifiers on the market are based on electrostatic principle.


4、UV lamp deodorizing equipment

It is used to purify the smell of oily smoke and reduce the emission of malodorous gases. For some catering units that produce more pungent odors, or factory floors, if the fume purifier does not completely purify the odor gas, then an additional fume odor eliminator is needed . Choosing the air volume of the fume deodorizing equipment can be less than the air volume of the  fume purifier, because the it also has a certain odor purification function. In addition, the malodorous deodorizing remover needs to be installed behind the fume purifier. At present, the common fume deodorizers are: UV light deodorizing equipment, activated charcoal deodorizer equipment.


5、The fan

It used for pumping the fumes out from ventilation ducts. The exhaust air speed should be more than 10m/s. Otherwise, the slower flow speed will cause the fume attached to internal wall of the duct , And if speed is too fast, it will lead to the incomplete purification of the fume purifier, which can not meet the standards of fume purification rate.


6、Exhaust baffle

It is used to install in front of the exhaust vents, to avoid the exhaust air from being directly discharged.


When preparing the fume purification system in the early stage, the building structure designer or the engineering company and other relevant personnel must clearly understand the site conditions, and clarify the actual operating parameters of each equipment, including the running resistance and exhaust air volume, etc.

In order to optimize the performance of the fume purification system.

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